We at Alexander Homes aim to overturn disadvantaged Social Groups in Society, who are deaf or deaf/blind and are known as minority groups.  Such minority does not detract from the value they can add to society and within different social circles.  Many are able to hold down jobs just as their hearing counterparts, but some have added learning difficulties that can make holding down a job a lot more difficult, but with the correct support systems and patience they can be just as valuable as anyone else.

People who are deafblind http://www.sense.org.uk >Sense: People who are deafblind

"Main methods of communication" http://www.sense.org.uk. 

We aim to rehabilitate this group raising self-esteem and reducing isolation. We want to promote better social cohesiveness in society giving them equal access to services and leisure facilities.  Building up self-esteem and confidence can make a massive difference to their personal lives, reducing incidences of mental illness, which is disproportionate to their number, compared to hearing people. So happier people creates a happier society. This will enable them to manage their lives in a much better constructive way. They will have the opportunity to liaise with volunteers for different social activities in and around their community.

Can you tell if we are deaf or deafblind? Of course you can't, because it is invisible!

The world's my oyster the same as yours! 

 Here is a hearing dog for the deaf with its "mum!"