Many volunteers are requested both for now and when the home(s) have been purchased and are up and running.  Fundraisers would enjoy both meeting people and raising money for the home.  Sponsorship of finance would be very much appreciated.  Volunteers could also help out at different events which will be taking place overtime.  Any volunteers who would like to assist with a car boot sale please email for more details. There will be a children's painting competition in 2012 and volunteers would be appreciated for helping with refreshments or door ticketing.  The venue is likely to be in Cheadle Hulme.

Name of Volunteers: Jan Jones and Fiona Alton:  Assisting with the selling of raffle tickets for the first event: see the events section.

 Steven Logan                                                 ADAM PEARSALL

Here are two volunteers. Steven who took the Sweet Treat to work to see how many guessed the right number of sweets in the tin, and Adam who witnessed my "mini swimathon" The winner of the sweets is now showing in the photo gallery.  Thankyou very much, Steven and Adam, for your support.

Anyone who would like to be a donor on a regular or one-off basis would be most welcome.  please use the contact details to find out how to become a donor. thankyou.